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50 Wedding Blog Post Ideas Brides Will Love to Read

Brides love to read blogs. They are so in love that anything wedding-related makes them giddy with joy. All they can imagine is how perfect their wedding day will be and how it will feel to walk down the aisle. They are an amazing customer to market to if you have a helpful or interesting idea that will make their day special. If you’re stumped about what to write, here are 50 ideas for wedding blog posts that brides love to read. 

1. Seasonal Wedding Decor

Every season is a great opportunity to write about the trends in wedding decor. Write wedding blog posts about 20 ways to use mason jars or 15 ways to use gold that looks luxurious and not gaudy

2. How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

A wedding photographer is one of the most important investments a bride will make for her wedding day. It’s important to help her discover ways to pick the best one for her. Help her consider all factors including experience, pricing, back-ups, and more. 

3. Best Venues

You could write a thousand different “Best Venues” posts and still never scratch the surface on this topic. Create posts about local venues, venues open during the week, luxurious venues, and destination venues. It’s important to include quality photographs with these types of posts. 

4. Creative Food Ideas

If a bride plans to feed her guests, she may want to consider catering beyond the traditional chicken, beef, or fish. Help her think outside the box with blogs about trendy food trucks, taco bars, Asian cuisine, and more. 

5. Makeup Trends

Brides love to feel glamorous and pampered when they get married. Create wedding blog posts that talk about trends in makeup and how to get the different kinds of looks she might want. 

6. Weight loss/Fitness Tips

A bride needs to look and feel her best on her big day. Weight loss tips are great if the bride has a long engagement. Fitness tips and muscle-building ideas can help her feel strong and energized. Brides love blog posts that emphasize health. 

7. Wedding Planning Tips

Any resource that helps a bride plan her wedding is a gold mine for your wedding business. Leverage your business to help guide her through the process and encourage her along the way.

8. Ways to Reduce Stress

Wedding planning can be stressful for some brides. All they need is some love and support. You know, the support they aren’t getting from their mother or future mother-in-law. Wedding blog posts can easily share ways to reduce stress. Yoga, taking breaks, asking for help, and even meditation can help a bride feel calmer when she’s planning her wedding.

9. Alternatives to a Traditional Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes are gorgeous, but there are so many other ways to share a treat with wedding guests. Candy bars are rising in popularity as are cupcakes, cake pops, and even ice cream bars. And for those who are keto, bacon is best. Always choose bacon. 

10. Elopement Ideas

Some brides want to just get away with their future spouse and a few close people. Elopement ideas for introverts would make a great blog post. 

11. How to Get the Best Wedding Photos in Any Season

Considering the unreliable weather and constant showers in the UK, getting the best photos is always tricky. There’s always some creative tips on how your bride can make the most out of a rainy wedding. 

12. Music Playlists

Sometimes it’s hard to think of what kind of music to play. Music lists help brides think of songs old and new to include in their wedding and reception. If they want to party like it’s 1999, there’s a list for that. 

13. Best Songs for Walking Down the Aisle

While Canon in D is a traditional wedding aisle song, brides today are more trendy and unique. Create lists with traditional songs, then include a list with current songs. There may be a bride who wants to drop it like it’s hot when she dances down the aisle. 

14. Best First Dance Songs

Choreographed first dances are a thing. And they are a ton of fun for the bride and groom and their guests. Help brides come up with ideas by giving them a list. 

15. Honeymoon Locations Near and Far

Honeymoon posts are a great way to connect with your brides. Tell them about locations in your region and also remind them of the amazing destinations around the world. 

16. Skincare

Stress can cause big breakouts for some brides. Give her tips on how to care for her skin as she gets ready for the big day.

17. Beautiful Wedding Hairstyles

Photos of wedding hairstyles are the perfect kinds of posts, especially for photographers and hairstylists. Inspire brides with ideas and how-tos. 

18. Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Help your brides say “thank you” to their bridesmaids with some fun and unique gifts. Help them think beyond jewellery and shoes. 

19. Where to Go for a Bachelorette Party

There are so many ways to party. Some brides like to go out for a night on the town, others keep it more low-key with paint and wine. 

20. Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes That Still Look Amazing

This one is self-explanatory. Brides want to look fabulous, but if they plan to dance all night, they also want comfort. 

21. Eco-Friendly Favors

Candy and food are great, but all that extra packaging can be harmful to the environment. Tell brides about biodegradable packaging and items made from renewable resources. 

22. Eco-Friendly Wedding Planning

There are so many ways to be nice to the environment when you plan a wedding. 

23. Best Local Cupcake Bakeries

Direct brides to the best places to find cupcakes in their neighbourhood. It’s a great way to feature local businesses on your blog as well. 

24. Local Wedding Guides

Help brides in your region find the best vendors to create the wedding of their dreams. 

25. Veil or No Veil

Write a blog post that highlights the benefits of wearing a veil or going without. You can also include alternatives to a veil. 

26. Wedding Color Schemes

Every season new colour schemes rise in popularity. As this happens, wedding decor, bridesmaids dresses, and details become available that go with the new trends. This is a constant source of content for your wedding blog posts. 

27. Best Wedding Themes

Some people love themes, others hate them. But if you want that Harry Potter inspired wedding bash, don’t let the haters get you down. 

28. Wedding Budgeting Tips

Even though brides have been spending more on their weddings recently, budget is always important. Give them some ideas on how they can spend their money wisely. 

29. Where to Buy Bridal Lingerie

It feels like a deep dark secret, so help your brides find out where to buy the best bras and undies for their wedding dress. 

30. Gifts for Him

It’s hard to know what to buy for guys. Chocolate, jewellery, and flowers don’t have the same impact they do on women. But guys often love gadgets, have hobbies, and love it when their new bride comes up with something amazing. 

31. Make Your Own Chocolates

Help the DIY bride with a tutorial that teaches her how to make her own chocolates. She can use them as favours or in a candy bar.

32. Social Media Weddings

More and more brides are using social media on their wedding days. You can write a blog post on how to use social media on their wedding day or how to come up with a hashtag name for their big day. 

33. Eco-Friendly Wedding Venues

Sustainable wedding venues are in high demand. A blog post that describes all the local options helps brides narrow their choices.

34. Wedding Jewelry

Jewellery ideas can range from vintage to glamorous, to simple, or meaningful. Brides love reading about all the unique jewels that can make them look and feel even better. 

35. Something Old

There are so many ways to incorporate something old into a wedding. Maybe it’s a vintage car, a traditional song, or a beloved heirloom. 

36. Something New

Brides buy a lot of new things for their wedding. A blog post that gives them even more fun ideas would be the best. 

37. Something Borrowed

Want to help your bride with her borrowed items? Give her plenty of ideas. 

38. Something Blue

Think outside the blue garter belts. Makeup, jewellery, and nail polish are just three ideas to get you started with something blue for your brides. 

39. Non-Traditional Wedding Ideas

Market to brides who want something besides a white dress and church wedding. You can write so many variations of this topic for your blog. 

40. Best Colors for a Beach Wedding

You don’t need beige to make a beach wedding beautiful. Inspire your brides with colour swatches and images to make a beach wedding more beautiful. 

41. Best Locations in the USA for a Destination Wedding

Hawaii will probably always be on a list for amazing destination wedding locations. But you can also include other amazing spots like Vail, New York City, and Maine. 

42. Pet-Friendly Wedding Venues

Research for your brides and help them find the best venues that they can also bring their pets to. 

43. Pet-Friendly Wedding Planning

For couples who adore their animals, there are so many extra factors to consider in wedding planning. They’ll need to think about treats, bathroom breaks, comfort, and so much more. 

44. How to Incorporate Your Pet in Your Wedding Day

Other than having a pooch as a ring bearer, what are the other ways to involve the bride and groom’s BFF on the big day?

45. Wedding Greenery and Flowers

Oh, the posts you can create with this one! Florists especially can write all about beautiful flowers, greenery like ferns, and so much more. 

46. Things to do the First 100 Days of Your Marriage

People get so focused on the wedding, they forget about what to do after! Brides often take their husband’s name. If they do, there are a lot of small tasks to get done after they say “I do”. 

47. Why Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

Different brides have different budgets. There are some areas where it makes sense to be cheap, and others where quality matters. 

48. DIY Wedding Guide

Brides with smaller budgets will benefit from tips on how to create an amazing DIY wedding. 

49. The Most Important Things You Need on Your Wedding Day

If all you have is a bride and groom, a marriage license, and an officiant, you can get married. 

50. Ask Your Brides

Want more awesome ideas for your blog? Ask the people who follow your business for ideas that will inspire and help them. You may be surprised by the creative and fun ideas they come up with. 
The best wedding blog ideas are the ones that help your followers and brides. Use this as a guide and create your list today. And if you want someone else to help you market your wedding business, let’s connect!