Wedding Search Engine Optimisation

Do you wish you had people coming to your website who knew what they wanted and were ready to book?

Or maybe you wish you could finally get ahead of your competition? 

Well, lucky for you – you don’t have to just wish anymore. Our Search Engine Optimisation services can help with both!

Ranking on the first page of Google does not only bring you more targeted traffic, but it will leave your competition biting the dust. 

Whether you just need some extra help or you're ready to let go and let us do it for you - we can help;

SEO Audit

If you want SEO expert guidance that you can then implement on your own, the SEO Audit is for you. We will do an in-depth analysis of your website, then give you a plan of action, plus SEO training on a 60-minute Q&A call.

SEO Campaign

This is our 6-month done-for-you SEO program. This is where I take over, dive into your website, and make your SEO fixes for you.

On Page SEO

Our SEO team will evaluate your current SEO strategy and make recommendations for improvements. This could include keyword research and targeting, page optimization, and content marketing.

Off Page SEO

Search Engines also take the presence of your site on the broader internet when determining your rank. To help ensure you are building the right connections, our team will manage outreach for link building and cleanup.

Technical SEO

A key part of an SEO strategy is understanding how search engines crawl your site for information. Our SEO experts will update your site architecture and technical schemas to abide by best practices and increase your site’s credibility.

Local SEO

For a brick and mortar wedding vendor, it’s important to consider local SEO. That is, optimizing your website to capture location-based search traffic.

Ecommerce SEO

SEO for eCommerce Wedding Websites has the power to get you in the top spots of the search results. Finding people ready to buy your products through organic search is one of the most profitable ways to increase sales.

working on a bridal site
working on a bridal site

Not fully convinced that seo is worth investing in?


Most people searching specifically for wedding vendors online are not only considering their options, but they’re ready to book. SEO helps you get in front of those people.


Being on the first page of Google automatically makes you more credible and established, even if it’s just for your area. This means extra targeted traffic coming your way.


SEO results can be tracked, which removes the guesswork out of the equation. We use Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and goal tracking, in order to know which keywords are bringing in traffic, how much extra traffic you’re getting, and how much your leads have increased.

Long Term

Paying for ads is going to bring you results, but only for as long as you’re paying, whereas having a properly optimised website can keep bringing you traffic for the long run.

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Online experiences begin with a search engine

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Google owns of the search engine market share

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Users ignore the paid ads, focusing on organic results

Here's a few answers to our most common questions about seo

Any SEO agency worth their salt won’t give you an upfront answer to this without deep-diving into the particulars behind your web presence and industry. That said, SEO should be seen as a long-term investment in an “asset” (your website’s optimisation), it’s not unreasonable to see project plans put together with a 6 month horizon.

Yes, part of the beauty of the way we work is its holistic nature. We’re here to break down barriers and are able to allocate time within our strategies to put towards writing content if required by you.

An SEO audit is a crucial step in the Digital Marketing methodology. Our team will conduct a comprehensive review of your entire SEO setup both on and off-site to develop a deep understanding of your current strategy. Specific elements of evaluation include current metadata, back-links, content, technical setup, and keywords. We will then use these findings to develop a robust strategic plan that will help increase your ranking on search engines and start driving more traffic directly to your website.

A backlink is also known as an inbound or incoming link and is created when another external website links to your site. Such links are particularly valuable for SEO because it helps to build a positive reputation for your website and its content. This is because the backlink acts as a signal to search engines that others find the content of your website to be valuable and credible. When many different sites link back to the same webpage or website, it allows search engines to infer that the content is worth linking to, and therefore also worth ranking higher on a search results page.

When it comes to SEO there are a lot of tools available to increase the efficacy of your efforts. Our team of experts chooses to use a combination of best-in-class tools that provide us with invaluable data about our client’s sites. These include, Moz, Cora, SEMRush, Majestic, and Ahrefs. Each tool provides our team with a unique set of data but together the entire stack paints a clear picture of any given website’s SEO strategy and any resulting changes. We can use these tools during an audit as well as after we have implemented changes to continuously monitor improvements.